Around Fully Upholstered Task Chair-Grey

Around Task Chair Banner Upholstery Finish Gris Frame Finish. Standard features include: Synchro-Tilt Mechanism Lumbar Element 4D Arm Single Upholstery and Seat Depth Adjustment Designed by Justus Kolberg the Around Fully Upholstered Task Chair with upholstered back is remarkably comfortable and easy to use. An array of hidden functional innovations are cleverly integrated in the chair. While a distinctive hex-back insert flexes with the body for comfort and support. Details: Adjustable lumbar elements are independently controlled for asymmetrical positioning Sleek wrapped back Minimal assembly required Flexaround seat pan for comfort support and ventilation Responsive padded armrest (width depth and pivot movements) Weight-balancing synchro-tilt mechanism automatically adjusts back tension to suit each individual while a tension comfort control allows users to fine-tune with one simple rotation 300-lb. (136 kg) weight capacity Height adjustment range of 4" (10 cm) Adapts automatically to users of various sizes Back tilt locks in the upright position or moves fluidly through four defined angles Lumbar element (upholstered chair) adjusts 4" (10 cm) in height for accurate positioning and proper back support Seat slider allows for depth adjustment of 3-7/8" (9.8 cm) promoting proper contact with the chair back and reducing knee pressure Arms levers at arm level for quick and easy changes Choice of 4 fabrics Choice of 2 frame finishes  
Around Fully Upholstered Task Chair-Grey
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